Geysir in Iceland Puffins Waterfall 4x4 on snow Horses Lagoon Northern lights Frozen waterfall Northern lights Northern lights

Iceland - Northern Lights - 10 days

Iceland - Nature Adventure Ring Tours - 11 or 12/13 days

  1. Jóna has over 29 years experience, in organising and personally conducting tours to Iceland, her mother's homeland.
  2. Exciting special first time members tour to Iceland, an itinerary brimming over with visits to the most spectacular areas of Iceland.
  3. Farmhouse hotels situated in stunning tranquil landscapes, providing excellent accommodation and food.
  4. Jóna always accompanies each holiday she organises, with no more than 20 members in each tour.

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A paradise for photographers, ornithologists, botanists, geologists & lovers of literature & nature. Iceland - the land of Trolls, Little People & Spirits, Sagas, Eddas, Poets & Writers. A nations history laid down to be read. Experience the clarity of the colours of the landscape in crystal clear unpolluted air.

Dordogne house rental - sleeps 16.


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Tours for Dordogne, Southern Ireland and Yoga.


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